Covid-19 | The Early Days of Home Schooling

Because you knew I would ... Nine days in on the home schooling front. I'd be lying if I told you that all had been well ... but it has gone better then expected. We're not trying to reinvent the educational wheel, we're simply trying to get through the age-appropriate basics ... English, Maths, History, … Continue reading Covid-19 | The Early Days of Home Schooling

Month in Numbers | March 2020

There's no way we can say that March was magnificent ... but let's see what the numbers made of it: 7 days of homeschooling. 9 pieces of Happy Mail. 8 scrapbook pages created. 1 fall from grace. 62 walks with Tilly. Thankful for the days earlier in the month when we were able to go … Continue reading Month in Numbers | March 2020

Four Fun Things

Cup of Jo highlighted Brooklyn's rainbows and we could all do with a few rainbows in our lives right now. Daily walks with Tilly - time to enjoy her attitude to life. Birdsong in West London is now clearly audible thanks to the lack of road traffic, Tube trains and aircraft overhead. Never was memory … Continue reading Four Fun Things

For the Love of Books | 4 Books Read in School That Are Worth Re-Reading

I can't be the only one who recalls novels read in school English Literature classes with a slight shudder. As evidence of said slight shudder, I give you The Trumpet Major by Thomas Hardy ('O' Level set book, JMB examination board, 1984). And incidentally, my sister-in-law chose 'Thomas Hardy and the Gothic' for her Masters … Continue reading For the Love of Books | 4 Books Read in School That Are Worth Re-Reading

December Daily 2019 | Days 16-20

Day 16: involved wrapping presents. Day 17: was about the Christmas Disco. I didn't take a great shot, so the trick was to simply work with what I had - go smaller on the photo and bigger on the filler cards. Day 18: was when I caught up with local friends for a cuppa and … Continue reading December Daily 2019 | Days 16-20

Month in Numbers | September 2019

As we move into Autumn, let's take a look at the numbers and see if September was sensational: Back to school and into Year 8. 3 suppers out - two at the pub and one proper 'grown-ups only' dinner. 30 lessons learned as part of Shimelle's annual Learn Something New Every Day class. The biggest … Continue reading Month in Numbers | September 2019

The Boy Child’s Completed Summer Journal

The beginning The Boy Child and I did a great job with his Summer Journal. He finished up with ten 12x12 Project Life pocket pages (Design A) documenting what, it has to be said, was a pretty good Summer. The end I think The Boy Child's teacher might have been a little surprised to receive … Continue reading The Boy Child’s Completed Summer Journal

TGIF With a Difference #7

The lovely Mary-Lou of Patio Postcards blog pointed me recently in the direction of Brené Brown‘s new weekly gratitude practice, TGIF. Most of us would recognise TGIF as an acronym for Thank God It’s Friday, but in Brené’s world it stands for Trusting, Grateful, Inspired and Fun. Trusting: that my new passport won't take too long to arrive. … Continue reading TGIF With a Difference #7