Me on Monday | 13 June

It was a week of Covid-19 isolation. The Brainy One and The Boy were self-isolatingThe Brainy One's jury service was deferred until later this yearThe Boy tested negative of day 5, The Brainy One was still positiveThe Boy returned to school after 2 consecutive negative tests. He was sent home again before lunch, as he … Continue reading Me on Monday | 13 June

Me on Monday | 23 May

It was a week of everyday life mixed with extremely distressing news. The gas boiler was servicedA 21-year-old woman was murdered just 10 minutes away from our houseWe dog sat for my sister-in-loveThe Brainy Boy and The Colombian celebrated 10 years of marriage :)I continued working on the Jersey journalThe surveyor came to confirm our … Continue reading Me on Monday | 23 May

Me on Monday | 16 May

It was another week where we were happy to potter around close to home. I went to the salon to have my eyebrows doneThe Brainy One and I went to B&Q to buy paint and a radiator coverI participated in Mass Observation Day (more on that soon) I had my hair cutThe Brainy One taught … Continue reading Me on Monday | 16 May

Me on Monday | 4 April

It was a week of yet more admin and meetings over MS Teams. It was a week with snow flurries and cold temperatures. I had my hair cutThe free design consultation took place and looks promising (more on that soonish)I worked on some family history, trying to find a reason and/or a connection as to … Continue reading Me on Monday | 4 April

Right Now …

Enjoying daily temperatures of around 20C here in West London, but colder weather is forecast for next weekDitching my winter boots and jeans for cropped trousers and fashion trainersWatching our flowering bulbs come to life - we have daffodils, crocus, fritillaries, pansies and tulipsWorrying about the number of attempted car thefts in our neighbourhoodPlanning our … Continue reading Right Now …

Me on Tuesday | 1 March

It was an upsetting week. We didn't have the words available to be able to console our Ukrainian friends. The car went in for its annual MoT and passedThe Brainy One and I introduced The Boy to the superb Band of BrothersThe Brainy One and I met my Sister-in-Love for brunchThe Parents/Teacher meeting happened over … Continue reading Me on Tuesday | 1 March

Scrapbooking in 2022 | Gaps in The Boy’s Scrapbooks

As mentioned earlier this week, I'm using this year's 100 Day Project to finish up any outstanding projects. For speed, I reused favourite designs (and you have to love a class that gives you enough stash for a second layout). I began with two spreads for The Boy's albums. The first one is a home … Continue reading Scrapbooking in 2022 | Gaps in The Boy’s Scrapbooks

Me on Tuesday | 1 February

It was a week filled with a lot of admin. Saturday morning brunch I went to the dental hygienistI cleaned the filthy glass panels of my oven :(The Boy was pinged a third time for possible contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid :(I repaired and washed vertical blindsThe Boy and I attended … Continue reading Me on Tuesday | 1 February

Me on Monday | 10 January | The Extended Version

Sunset, 4 January 2022 We spent the new year with our closest friends - buffet supper, drinks and lots of laughing. All of us took lateral flow tests on the 29th and again on the morning of the 31st.I broke a piece off my newly repaired retaining bar (lower set of teeth).The Boy and I … Continue reading Me on Monday | 10 January | The Extended Version