December Daily | Foundation Pages

With less than a month until the beginning of December, I'm planning this year's December Daily album.  This will my tenth year in a row documenting the run up to Christmas Day, and it's still my favourite project.  I toyed with the idea of using a Traveler's Notebook, but in the end settled on an album from Simple … Continue reading December Daily | Foundation Pages


Having just signed up for a weekend residential crop next June (with my best pal; an added bonus), it's time to share a few layouts created over the last week or so. ~ This one just needs a spot of journaling ~ With half-term beginning later today, there'll be almost no time next week to play with … Continue reading ScrapAGoGo

What Would You Save?

Like many people recently, I'd followed with horrified fascination the footage of the carnage and devastation wreaked by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma et al.  It's difficult to imagine losing your home and all your possessions in such a savage and immediate way.  It's difficult to imagine losing your home and all your possessions full stop.But watching … Continue reading What Would You Save?

December Daily | Days 24th-25th

On the 24th, we did something entirely different to previous years ...we ate our Christmas dinner in the evening.And you know what, we all enjoyed it so much thatwe might just make it a new tradition.On Christmas Day, after the excitement of a visit from Santa,we were fairly low key.The pooch still needed a walk and as … Continue reading December Daily | Days 24th-25th

December Daily | Days 21st-23rd

The 21st was the day we went to the Panto in London's West End.{Oh yes, we did!}It was brilliant!On the 22nd I was persuaded by my friend-who's-like-my-brotherto dress up in his inflatable Santa suit ...{I know ... who even admits to owning an inflatable Santa suit?} Another envelope filled with confetti and the date did the … Continue reading December Daily | Days 21st-23rd

December Daily | Days 18th-20th

The 18th was an entry about how we give back over the Christmas season.We donated foodstuffs to the Food Bank collection in our local supermarket.We donated cash to Crisis at Christmas and the shelter where our BiL is a trustee. Oh, and let's not forget the winter coats we donated to the homeless shelter.The 19th … Continue reading December Daily | Days 18th-20th

Blog Review | 2016

And still I keep churning them out:241 posts in 2016. And still some of you are reading and commenting:280,792 page views in the life of this blog, approximately.{You won't be surprised when I tell you that this post garnered the most comments in 2016}{selfie attempt hijacked by The Boy Child}I covered a wide range of topics, … Continue reading Blog Review | 2016

Happy Christmas

Before I switch off the blog for the Christmas break,I wanted to wish you all a very happy Christmasand to thank you for reading throughout 2016.The support you offered during what has been an incredibly difficult yearhas been much appreciated.You guys rock!I'll be back in early January with the final pages of December Dailyand my … Continue reading Happy Christmas

December Daily, 16th | The Met Police’s Christmas Tree Project

The Boy Child's school is supporting the Metropolitan Police's Christmas Tree projectand encouraged the pupils to donate gifts.All the gifts go to children and young adults who might not otherwisereceive anything on Christmas Day.The Boy Child and I chose to buy two gifts for a boy(s) aged 9-12 and he suggested football annuals.So that's what we … Continue reading December Daily, 16th | The Met Police’s Christmas Tree Project