My Real Life Experience

Having reached a significant milestone in life recently (the age that falls somewhere between 49 and 51), it occurred to me that no matter how long The Boy Child lives for, I will always have had more of real life experience. And here's why … in years gone by: I had to make sense of … Continue reading My Real Life Experience

10 Things | Christmas

I've been telling myself, in a bah humbug kind of way,that Christmas is ages away ...On the way to school this morning, The Boy Child and I worked outthat as of next Monday, there are only 20 school days left until the Christmas holidays.I admit to feeling surprised.Christmas has always been my favourite time of the … Continue reading 10 Things | Christmas

10 Things

This month ~ a pictorial tribute to my father-in-law.  A life of service begins A loving son Marrying the love of his lifeBecoming a family Always the family; first, last and forever  A proud and devoted GrandadSharing a name and a birthday The final time, little did we know itPlease forgive my indulgence with this post.My lovely, lovely father-in-law.A man with … Continue reading 10 Things