This and That

I've felt the urge to nest lately and, because of that urge, I've stayed close to home this week.  Nothing special, just, you know, pottering about. Waging war on the gazillion leaves that land on our drive throughout Autumn.  Working on improving, moving platforms and re-branding my blog.  {If you've made the switch over from Blogger, thank … Continue reading This and That

Reducing My Online Footprint

The Brainy One and I have been subjected to protracted anonymous attemptsto gain access to our varied and numerous online accountsI won't bore you with the details, but suffice to say, we are actively taking steps to reduce our online footprint.I have deactivated my Facebook accounts (personal and the blog's).I have never been on LinkedIn.I have … Continue reading Reducing My Online Footprint

Blog Review | 2016

And still I keep churning them out: 241 posts in 2016. And still some of you are reading and commenting: 280,792 page views in the life of this blog, approximately. {You won't be surprised when I tell you that this post garnered the most comments in 2016} {selfie attempt hijacked by The Boy Child} I … Continue reading Blog Review | 2016

December Daily | Manifesto and Days 1-2

Starting as always with the Manifesto.Short and straight to the point. The 1st is about my day in town with a friend and the return of Elvis the Elf. I added an insert to accommodate more photos{which Blogger won't display properly}.The 2nd was all about the tree.More baubles, an extra set of lights and a new tree … Continue reading December Daily | Manifesto and Days 1-2