Maybe It’s Because I’m A Londoner

I've lived in London longer than anywhere else I've lived.  The Brainy One has been in London for thirty or more years.  The Boy Child is a Londoner, the only one of us with the place of birth on his passport listed as London.  As I'm now in my 13th year of West London living, I think … Continue reading Maybe It’s Because I’m A Londoner

This and That

I've felt the urge to nest lately and, because of that urge, I've stayed close to home this week.  Nothing special, just, you know, pottering about. Waging war on the gazillion leaves that land on our drive throughout Autumn.  Working on improving, moving platforms and re-branding my blog.  {If you've made the switch over from Blogger, thank … Continue reading This and That

IKEA | A Rite of Passage?

Earlier this week, I assembled a shelving unit bought from IKEA.It's the first ever self-assemble piece of furniture from IKEA that I've ever owned.I feel like a grown-up ... or not.Whatever. I bought it to replace an old bookcase which stood in our hall.The one where I tried to artfully arrange the bookcase's contents. And failed.Now I … Continue reading IKEA | A Rite of Passage?

December Daily, 2nd | Home Decor

Every year, I put up a tree.I add small clusters of decorations around the lounge.I have never put anything festive into my craft room.Until this year.That small space in front of an old photo of my nephew seemed to be crying out for a spot of Christmasyfying.{No, that's not a real word, is it?}It's hard to … Continue reading December Daily, 2nd | Home Decor