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I arranged for our decorator to come once we’d moved into the third phase of lockdown easing – the job in hand was to paint the loft office and bathroom. The Brainy One and I have always been a little timid with paint colours, but having read a few articles in Ideal Home magazine, I felt brave enough to chose colours that would make an impact. 🙂

When the loft space was built, we painted it a safe/boring magnolia and it’s pretty much stayed that way for nigh on 12 years.

Until now …

I was inspired by the vast range of colours available from Valspar and the sample cards appear to be a fairly good match to the reality.

Hands up if you thought that Cleopatra’s Sunrise might be a yellow?

I asked The Brainy One for his thoughts and he said, “I just need a disco ball and a few beanbags to be right back in the 1970s.” I took that to mean that he rather liked it. 🙂

I’ll share more pictures once the job’s complete.

13 thoughts on “Home Decor | Making a Statement

  1. When I first saw your Cleopatra’s Sunrise – it reminded me of the eyeliner on Tutankhamen sarcophagus, so I thought her eye liner … both those colours are bold & vibrant. Cannot wait to see once furnishings are back in place & pictures on the wall, I’m sure it will become the hang out spot of the home & not just for working. I must look up the magazine because if that’s what it took to get TBO on board with change … I NEED that magazine (col).

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    1. Haha, it took TBO a long time to come on board! I can’t wait to see how the space looks when we begin to put things back this weekend. 🙂


  2. I’ve not heard of that paint company before, I must check it out when we have a new project in the pipeline. Those colours are lovely, it looks as if it is a light and airy room with those lovely velux windows and suits dramatic colours perfectly. What a transformation!

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    1. I have one negative comment about the paint – I bought 5 litres – 2 x 2.5 cans – ordered and mixed while I waited in B&Q … one can was definitely darker in tone and showed up really obviously when the second coat dried … cue a third coat to put things right.
      That said, we were able to fix things and the walls look amazing!


  3. My son-in-law worked for Valspar in Charlotte for 6 years until he changed jobs. They have great paint and plenty of colors. Your choices will certainly be happy colors for your space! I can’t wait to see it after you get it all decorated.

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    1. The last bit of gloss is drying and it looks amazing – can’t wait to see the space with the office furniture back in it. 🙂


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