Me on Monday

A week of sunshine and showers.

  • I kept a Mass Observation Diary and submitted it.
  • We spent the weekend clearing the loft ready for decorating to begin – it was a dusty and sweaty job. I then left Post-it notes all over the walls indicating paint colour.
  • I tried to freecycle an old armchair. It was in the loft and only ever used as storage – what we refer to as a chairdrobe. 🙂 No takers yet.
  • I felt unexpectedly emotional watching 11,000 supporters sing the National Anthem at Wembley prior to the FA Cup Final. It’s so amazing to see crowds beginning to appear at events (but I’m still glad I’m not one of them).
  • I booked another slot of the recycling centre.
  • I had another mountain of curbside recycling.
  • I completed the 100 Day Project. 🙂
  • The Boy needed to see the nurse at our GP’s surgery re his toe. Afterwards, we talked about him maybe introducing himself to new people by saying, “Hello, I’m The Boy and I have autism”.

7 thoughts on “Me on Monday

  1. I like the name of the possible paint colour for the office loft; Cleopatra’s Sunrise. I can just imagine how this name choice was arrived at … I’ve always said my ideal job would be naming paints or nail polish/varnish colours.
    Lately I’ve seen a lot of curbside “free” items out; better weather & a lot more de-cluttering happening. Interesting, the TB’s possible new method of introducing himself. A result of an awkward conversation with the GP’s nurse? I can think of many reasons why we could all introduce this method of introducing ourselves, it would cut down on assumptions.

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    1. You’re absolutely correct about The Boy’s interaction with the nurse. I have since acquired a sunflower lanyard for him – part of a UK wide initiative indicating a disability.

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  2. I love the imagination of the person who names paint colours. Choosing the right paint is such a time consuming activity isn’t it?
    Now I’m wondering about that conversation with the nurse! I’ve noticed people wearing the sunflower lanyards in the shops, hopefully it will help any awkward situations. P’s cousin’s grandson used to have a t-shirt that said ‘Auty not Naughty’ on it when he was younger to try and stop any judgemental comments or stares. I think the lanyard idea is great, and hopefully the general public will learn to know what it indicates. Hope there are not too many more nurse visits on the horizon and that all is healing well x

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    1. The Boy also had an Auty not Naughty t-shirt when he was younger. He was a little abrupt with the nurse in response to something she said. She was taken aback but was fine once I mentioned the autism. Lesson learned for me – don’t assume that everyone has read his notes fully prior to seeing him.
      The toe seems to be healing … finally!


  3. How exciting that it’s time for the new paint colors!! Our recycling bin is full again & I dropped off donations at the local community outreach on Monday. Doesn’t it feel good to get things cleaned out so the things you still want can be enjoyed more!

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