Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 12

After the announcement from Boris earlier this week, there is definitely hope that we are on the way out of this …

I’ve included what I’ve/we’ve been binge-watching and six numerical facts, alongside some positive signs of Spring and a reflective moment:

Lots of good news re the vaccine rollout program and continued speculation that schools will reopen on 8th March. 🙂 I’ve paired that page with a letter from school informing us that most of the staff has now received a first dose of the vaccine (not shown). 🙂 🙂

Finally, the news we’d all been waiting anxiously for – the UK government’s road map for opening up the country and economy again over the next few months. I have my fingers crossed and am preparing myself for a few more months of being patient with the restrictions.

I stitched a 6×8 pocket to hold three tags – you might notice that I’m only good with stitching in a straight line.

7 thoughts on “Covid-19 | The Journal, Part 12

  1. And you are quite good at stitching around that curved opening in your pocket! You are certainly capturing a lot of good news about vaccines & the possibilities of re-opening up life to all that is familiar.

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    1. There’s so much bad news in the journal, it’s good to have the positive news about the vaccine in there as well. Global vaccination is the way out of this.
      Haha, I think you mean wobbly stitching around the pocket’s cut-out curve! 🙂

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  2. I am not even good at stitching a straight line. Ha!! Did you use a sewing machine? Amazing idea. Love the way you are journaling life through scrapbooking. I have started writing in a journal but on my bad days when I probably need it most, I don’t want to write. I just want to go back to bed.

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    1. Yes the stitching is courtesy of my sewing machine. 🙂 I’d like to think that The Boy and his cousins will like to look at the two Covid journals in the future and be amazed! 🙂
      On my worst days I also go back to bed – armed Netflix on my laptop and a mug of tea. 🙂

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  3. You’ve made a super job of those tags! Your recording of the pandemic has been second to none – and your grandchildren will find them invaluable when they are studying the pandemic in their history classes :).

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