Home Décor Refresh

Buoyed up by the success of adding colour to our loft office/bedroom, I carried the ‘let’s be bold’ theme down to the front door, with a detour via the living room and downstairs loo.

The yellow is Valspar‘s ‘Bonjour‘. The pale orange in the downstairs loo is ‘Sunset Bellini‘.

Right outside the loft door is one of my new feathery lightshades and a painting of somewhere in the South of France (the artist is the mother of one of The Brainy One’s university pals).

The bannisters used to be varnished wood, but I asked the decorator to paint all the spindles and upright posts in white (something that I’d seen on Instagram). It took four coats of undercoat and two coats of gloss to achieve the end result. There was a lot of muttering from our decorator! 🙂

The alcove on the first floor landing is home to an IKEA shelving unit. The framed postcard is from The Store of Utter Gorgeousness that I sent to Mum years ago. The framed photo of The Boy and me is one of my favourites. The family tree belonged to my paternal grandmother and, as the only grandchild with an interest in family history, it came to me.

Two more feathery lampshades are in the living room and you might have noticed that the wall light is missing a shade – we’re still looking for one that we like. The corner unit is from Next (about 5 years ago) and used to be in my office. I only ever used it as a dumping ground, so it looks much better in the corner of the living room. 🙂

The lightshade in the loo is from Next (and possibly out of stock); the rug is from M&S (and is actually a bath mat); the ‘Oui Oui‘ print is from Gayle Mansfield and something I originally saw on Instagram; the storage basket is from Postcards Home.

11 thoughts on “Home Décor Refresh

  1. There is so much to love here! What a bright, bold, sunny colour to welcome people into your home. I love that stained glass window, doesn’t the little pop of red look great against the yellow?
    The Oui Oui poster in the loo is fab, I may have to ‘borrow’ that idea!

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  2. Thanks for sharing. Sunshine follows you everywhere – so cheerful. I like the spindles painted white & keeping the most used part (handrail) in the wood. Everything looks like it has together just as you envisioned. I am sure TBO &TB don’t want to hear you say “I was thinking …” (lol).

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