Me on Monday

  • I had Afternoon Tea at Fortnum’s
  • I was bold with the redecoration
  • There was a visit to the dental hygienist and a dental check-up
  • Tilly was poorly and needed a visit to the vet (who was new to the practice and turned out to be very dishy – I’m old enough to be his mum …)
  • We went ahead with a booking for a road trip in August to my beloved South Lakeland. 🙂
  • We confirmed our order for two replacement picture windows after a visit by the surveyor
  • I hugged my sister in law for the first time in around 15 months 🙂 …
  • … And then we learned that our London borough moved into surge testing from today because of the increase of infections of the Indian variant – first off, lateral flow tests all round. 😦
  • I was disappointed to see that James Newman scored nil point at Eurovision

10 thoughts on “Me on Monday

  1. Lots of positives to go with your pretty flowers, even if there’s surge testing – crossing fingers the vaccines work well against the latest variant. I do envy your ability to get a dental appointment; ours has apparently become a ‘regional centre’ for emergencies which means regular patients don’t get a look-in. Hoping that Tilly is better now, too. How super to be able to hug someone after so long! Here’s to a good week for you all.

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    1. It does seem that if you want to book an appointment now, it will take months. My next hygienist appointment is in October and I usually go every quarter.


  2. Poor old Tilly, it must be something going around! Hopefully with a course of antibiotics and that paste they tend to prescribe she’ll soon be back to normal. Although it sounds as if a second visit to the vet wouldn’t be too much of a problem 😉
    I was sorry to hear that your area of London was one of those having surge testing but hopefully swift action and a good take up of vaccinations will keep it contained. I have been very surprised to hear from our daughter that several of her friends are unwilling to be vaccinated, when they are the age group more likely to socialise in large gatherings. Fortunately she has hers booked for Friday.
    I bet that hug felt good! Isn’t it nice to do something normal again?

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  3. Beautiful photo of those pink flowers. I’ve not heard of surge testing, but it doesn’t sound good for the continuation of re-opening. Or is it, to get a handle on new cases before there’s an actual “outbreak”. Our re-opening may begin on June 14th, depending on the number of new cases & vaccines given. Oh dear poor Tilly, I do hope she doesn’t need another visit to the vet, although there might be a need for you to go for a consultation, just to review Tilly’s plan to recovery. I am all for more hugging … I believe it will be part of the cure for the world’s anxiety right now. I believe those new windows will/can feature for this year’s SPSH. 🙂

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    1. Surge testing seems to be encouraging everyone to be tested and then isolating if you then receive a positive result.
      Haha, I’m happy to report that Tilly is fully recovered!


  4. Hope Tilly is on the mend with one trip to the vet’s. I had to look up dishy. I like that word. I was thinking ditzy. But dishy is much better.

    Love what you are doing with the bold color in your redecorating. Can’t wait to see the finished room.

    What a shame that your borough has fallen sick with the Indian strain of the virus. I think we are finally at the end of the tunnel here in west Texas. People are even permitted to leave off their masks. Hope you are soon out of the woods, too.

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