Project Life | Revisited in 2020

It was during the Summer of last year that the thought popped into my head … “you should go back to Project Life in 2020”. (I created nine Project Life albums between April 2011 and December 2015). I couldn’t forget that line from Come From Away“So many stories, gone …”

It was a thought that wouldn’t go away; it would pop into my head at odd times of the day. I’d find myself emptying the washing machine and considering how I could make Project Life work.

Long story short, I decided on a smaller format (8×8) and one week per side of a divided pocket page. In reality, I couldn’t find any divided pocket pages in 8×8, so I adapted that Project Life staple, Design A. I simply cut off the top third of the page and then stitched vertically down the middle of a 4×6 pocket at the 9″ seam.

I’m hoping to stick to my resolution of not buying any new cards; I have more then enough! (And yes, I’m looking at you, In a Creative Bubble). I shall just have to be a little more creative with what I have and how I use them.

13 thoughts on “Project Life | Revisited in 2020

  1. That looks like a very do-able plan, and a great start. What a handsome family :). I like the 8×8 size – currently finishing my December daily in this. I like your creative use of what you already have.

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  2. … WordPress was not being very friendly to me this morning. I like your title page, wonderful photos of the family. I want to be more diligent this year with telling the stories, not just populating the pockets in my day to day album. I’m on the same page as you – use what I have, no more new stuff (col).

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