Scrapping in 2020 | The Goals

I haven’t solved the dilemma of scrapbook storage, so I’m continuing with my hunt for a scrapbooking solution that ticks all the boxes. And just like blogging, I’ve no plans to stop scrapbooking.

As previously mentioned, I’ve returned to Project Life this year (in a smaller format than before) and I will also incorporate 8×8 spreads recording our One Little Word into that album throughout the year.

Cachirulo started school!

Any travels this year will be recorded in 6×8 albums (just like our trips to Guernsey, Luxembourg and Normandy). I’m not even sure that I’ll start a separate 12×12 album for 2020. Spreads will continue to be added to the The Boy Child’s album and to the one for our great nephews.

What are your scrapbooking/crafting/creative plans for 2020?

8 thoughts on “Scrapping in 2020 | The Goals

  1. I like your idea of taking over the garden shed. I believe there is a whole industry that revolves around such an idea & now they call them “she sheds”. My 2020 scrapping goals are pretty much to continue with the 12X12 but definitely using up the stash & a spending freeze. I also just heard that Becky Higgins’ company will no longer be making the pocket pages or albums; I’ve got enough stock to have a long think about what’s next.

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    1. The problem with taking over the shed is finding a home for all the stuff in the shed!
      Yes, I read that about PL – while I have enough stash for a fair while, it’s the albums I’m in need of … and I happen to like the ones by Becky Higgins.
      Do you think she overreached herself/her company and spread the net too wide? I don’t want to buy gift wrap or notebooks from her.


      1. IMO, I do think she tried to do to many other things … I hope that she returns to her roots of the company because her albums & page pockets are excellent quality. We R Memory Keeps also make a good quality binder, I use their binders as Becky’s binders were not readily available in my area & I prefer a solid colour for my album. 🙂

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      2. I agree with your assessment of PL as a company and its quality. Most of our albums are brown ‘pleather’ (until that became hard to find), then it was navy blue with a few forays into black when the navy was hard to fund. Our earliest albums are from Creative Memories and they, of course, don’t work with anyone else’s products. I’ve gone with a cream herringbone album as a replacement album for one scrapbook that I am redoing (post on that soon!), but I had to search around for that. London has a huge lack of real life craft stores.


  2. Your plans sounds very workable, and I have find there is great virtue and simplicity in keeping everything in as few places as usual – so your 6×8 and 8×8 sounds like a good plan. I always enjoy seeing your creative work and looking forward to it! (Seems amazing that such a huge place as London lacks craft stores, doesn’t it … )

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