Come From Away

Towards the end of the Summer holidays, The Boy Child and I went into the West End to see Come From Away at the Phoenix Theatre on Charing Cross Road.

Come From Away is the story of what happened in a small town, Gander, in Newfoundland, Canada on Tuesday, 11th September 2001, when 38 international flights were ordered to land there.

“On 9/11, we saw the worst that could happen, but around 7,000 people in that tragedy saw the best in humanity.”

Come From Away is a musical that will make you laugh, cry and cry again. It will renew your faith in humanity. It is a production where the audience roars its approval and rises almost as one in a standing ovation long before the final note has died away.

The cast of just 12 actors moves so quickly and take on so many different roles you think there must be twice as many of them. The musicians are incredible and rightly take to the stage for the finale.

I’m already planning a return visit and would urge you to head to a production near you as soon as you can. Come From Away is one of those stories that will stay with you forever.

15 thoughts on “Come From Away

  1. It’s a great story. Hard to believe it’s 18 years ago! Looks like you both enjoyed. If you ever met someone from the east coast of Canada, their warmth & friendliness is evident right away. The folks from “the rock” – Newfoundland, have given us some of the funniest Canadian comics; Mary Walsh, Cathy Jones, Rick Mercer, Shaun Majumder to name a few. Newfoundland & Labrador, It’s rugged, majestic & beautiful.

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    1. There’s a Canadian comedian who lives here in London – Katherine Ryan. She was on a recent episode of Who Do You Think You Are? and discovered her maternal ancestors had settled in Newfoundland in the 1800s. Do you know her?


  2. I saw the matinee today and absolutely loved it! It ended with a much-deserved standing ovation & lots of cheers and whistles.
    If it tours anywhere near where I live, I’ll see it again (without the marathon train journey!)

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