OLW | Pause and How I’m Recording Our Word in 2020

Having settled on pause as our One Little Word for 2020, I considered how I would record it. The previous two years’ words were recorded in a mini traveller’s notebook. This year, I’ve gone with simple 8×8 spreads that will slot into our Project Life | Revisited album.

I’m planning on approximately one spread per month.

January: Early morning and late afternoon walks with Tilly meant that I noticed a lot of gorgeous sunrises and sunsets.

February: Cachirulo turned five-years-old.

6 thoughts on “OLW | Pause and How I’m Recording Our Word in 2020

  1. I think pausing to find any of winter’s joy is a good idea; it’s one I am constantly trying to do – find winter joys (col). I think the 8X8 layouts are going to be so satisfying, enough room to embellish, but not so overly big as to overwhelm. Another small one growing up before our eyes.

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  2. What lovely photos of the boys – seems only yesterday that TBC was that small and now look at him!
    Dog walking in the late afternoon is a great way to see those colourful sunsets – they make a great page.
    Lovely to see you this morning – thank you so much for finding time in your trip to Cambridge to meet up with me x

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  3. Aw … don’t little ones have the biggest smiles? Your 8×8 mixed in with everything else sounds like such a do-able thing. I’m a fan of keeping it simple, and it’s a size that I have always found manageable and yet it lends itself to variety too.

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