A Puzzling Hobby

One of my favourite past times as a child, after reading, was working on a jigsaw. I remember two in particular, probably because both of them were round and they fed my love of history – Henry VIII and his six wives, and the naval battles of Admiral Nelson.

I rediscovered my jigsaw love when we joined the National Trust in 2017 and I noticed that all their shops seemed to sell them – mostly in a retro style and always appropriate to the venue.

I asked for a new jigsaw for Christmas, but I think Santa forgot … Santa didn’t forget Deb, though, and when she posted about her new jigsaw, I was seriously envious. I asked for the details.

Like scrapbooking, I find putting jigsaws together relaxing. I tend to work on them after supper, when we are in the living room. There’ll be music or Harry Potter on the stereo, The Brainy One will be reading the newspaper and The Boy Child will be looking at a book or two and possibly chatting about his latest obsession.
It’s a scene of what you might call domestic bliss.

Until Tilly’s arrival, I worked on the jigsaws on our rectangular coffee table, which can just about hold a 1,000 piece puzzle. I now own a puzzle mat and roll the jigsaw up when I am not working on it. It saves Tilly from having to help me …

Have you recently rediscovered a childhood hobby?

6 thoughts on “A Puzzling Hobby

    1. The problem is this … now that the jigsaw is rolled up, I have to remember to unroll it and work on it. Before, when the jigsaw was on the coffee table, I’d pop in a piece or two whenever I passed by!


  1. Mr Man use to do puzzles & he too found relaxing … I wonder if I could find one or two to get out; these forced inside days/nights need a diversion. A puzzle mat sounds a good idea, because curious cats could insist on helping!

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