Five Ways to Enjoy Winter More

Winter in the Northern hemisphere can be pretty grim but over the last few years, I’ve sought out ways to enjoy it more …

  1. Invest in a pair of slippers. This is such a little thing, but having a really great pair of warm slippers makes my life better every single day. Having warm feet really makes winter a whole lot better. I wear Uggs.
  2. Lean into the coziness. The best part of winter is the coziness and if you can optimise that, it makes winter so MUCH nicer. We switch on our fire in the late afternoon (in that hour before the heating comes on), I might burn a candle at my desk every afternoon while I work, and I drink a whole lot more tea. I have blankets layered up at the end of the sofa, perfect for snuggling up under.
  3. Wear the appropriate clothing. See point 1. 🙂 Wear socks and layer up – I am currently wearing a t-shirt, cashmere cardigan, a scarf and a gilet. Wear the warmest coat you can afford when outside, and don’t forget gloves/mittens and a pull-on hat. Winter days are so much appealing if you’re not freezing the whole time you’re outside.
  4. Move your body. It can be so easy for the winter to mean you don’t do much physical activity, but that’s a quick way to make winter even more depressing. Moving your body is such a great way to pick up your mood. There’s a lot of exercise classes available online for free and if all else fails, turn up the kitchen radio and dance around as you empty the dishwasher.
  5. Pick up an indoor hobby. You can already guess that our two big ones at our house are jigsaws and reading. But while we enjoy them all year long, winter is when we really lean into them and spend a lot more time as a family doing these things together. Our current favourite game is this limited edition of Top Trumps.

8 thoughts on “Five Ways to Enjoy Winter More

  1. Great advice – I used to work with a Finnish lady who couldn’t believe how us Brits moaned about winter weather! Her advice was always ‘wear more suitable clothes and layer up!’. I have to say that those three blankets I crocheted in lockdown are getting a lot of use in the evenings too.

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  2. From this post I see you are ready to move to Canada! I would add, on sunny days ensure all the blinds, curtains, sheers (net) are pulled back to let it all in – sunshine inside really lifts the spirits (IMO).

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  3. January is the hardest month, cold, dark and endless, or so it seems. I find that I do much more crafting in these winter months, it seems the best way to spend an afternoon.

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  4. Great ideas. I concur on the getting outside and having warm clothes. I bought knee-length thermal socks from M and S and they’ve been brilliant! I also find the colour helps – I guess scrapbooking ticks that box!

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