For the Love of a Cavachon

What’s a Cavachon, you might ask?  A Cavachon is a cross-breed dog, part Bischon Frise and part King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.

Me, looking pretty thrilled to have a 7-week-old Tilly asleep on my leg.

And this Cavachon is the newest member of our family.  For online purposes, let’s call her Tilly.  Apart from being completely adorable, she ticked a few other boxes for us.  She won’t grow to be huge. She’ll love children. She’s smart, so will enjoy (hopefully) puppy training sessions. She won’t shed her coat much. She is local to West London.

Tired Tilly

Tilly came into our lives unexpectedly. The Brainy One said late last year that I could have a dachshund puppy. I think I squealed in delight! I immediately looked for a breeder via the Kennel Club and even spoke to someone to tee up a visit in the new year. Then, when visiting friends over the festive period, I learned that our friend’s sister had a litter of puppies to rehome…

And that was that. The Boy Child is besotted and The Brainy One has reserved the right to add a Labrador puppy into the mix …

You’ll be able to follow Tilly’s adventures on Instagram by searching for @cavachontilly.

27 thoughts on “For the Love of a Cavachon

  1. Welcome Tilly to the world of blogging & Insta. I must admit I was hoping for a dachshund too but Tilly does not leave any room for disappointment, she’s definitely a cutie. A Lab puppy into the mix … oh my what could this mean! 🙂

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  2. Oh, this takes me back! What a lovely puppy, so cute, I can see why you have all fallen in love with her. She really does tick all the boxes of what a family puppy should be like!

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  3. Serendipitous puppies are the best. My daughter had been saying no to Miss Boo for a long time. Explaining that the care would devolve onto Mum and she wasn’t going to do that. Then the people next door to them acquired a Parson’s Jack Russell and their other dog hated her. They couldn’t be in the same room and if he got the chance he would savagely attack so they asked my daughter if she wanted the puppy or it would be going back to where it came from. My daughter now owns Treacle and she is completely accepted by all the humans and the three cats in the house.

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