Five Tech-Free Things To Do Indoors This Winter

I’ve written before about how I’ve been trying to be more intentional in my use of technology. If I’m honest, it’s still very much a work in progress.

But as we’ve been spending more time in the house because of the cold and inclement weather, I’ve been considering other ways for us to connect and entertain ourselves without the need for an electronic device.

February morning

Jigsaws: a tried and tested way of passing the time creatively. They are also a good way to put your mind to work and relax. Now, I just need to persuade The Brainy One and The Boy Child to join me.

Read: We all love to read, and giving ourselves a few hours to unplug and read will be an ongoing priority this year.

Declutter: Marie Kondo is back in the news thanks to her new show on Netflix, and I think winter is a good time to begin looking at the items in your home you could happily live without. Why wait until spring?
Less clutter and organized messes are a great way to relieve some stress. If I spent less time on my phone and more time organizing wardrobes and drawers, my life might be easier to navigate. I have several wardrobes and drawers I want to tackle this year, beginning with The Brainy One’s shirt space. 

Try a new recipe: I’m not an adventurous cook, but somehow, I have a fair sized collection of cook books from Nigella to Jamie through to Jenny Rosenstrach. A miserable Sunday afternoon is as good a time as any to crack open one of them and it’s amazing what you can accomplish without the distractions of technology.

Chat over a cuppa: Put the kettle on, lay a tea tray, rustle up a biscuit or two and then take the time to sit and chat. This is a tactic I use periodically on The Boy Child when I’d like him to practice his conversational skills. It doesn’t always work but, just occasionally, he’ll share something startling/mind blowing/hilarious.

4 thoughts on “Five Tech-Free Things To Do Indoors This Winter

  1. I absolutely agree about disconnecting from electronics a good idea. Bravo for you to find ways to encourage your family. I am sure Miss Tilly is a strong supporter of un-plugging & leads by example of being fully present.

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  2. My wardrobes and drawers have already benefited from Marie’s influence!
    I, too, enjoy trying new recipes and I’ve subscribed to Delicious magazine with the intention to try at least one of the recipes in there each month. When I’ve tried it, and if it’s been a hit, I tear out the page and put it in a folder of ‘tried and tested’ dishes. It’s nice to try different chefs from time to time!

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