Last week, when The Boy Child was away on his Year 6 Residential, The Brainy One and I snuck off to the Cotswolds for two nights in the picturesque village of Broadway.  Both of us had been there before, but never together.DSC_0089.JPGBroadway looks exactly how non-Brits expect an English village to look.  You know, as a backdrop to a film made by Working Title.  The High Street dominates the surroundings and there are plenty of independent shops, pubs and places to stay.  There’s not a branch of a national or international chain anywhere in sight.DSC_0112.JPGWe spent our time strolling along the High Street and exploring hidden corners.  Our plans to visit the Broadway Museum and the Gordon Russell Museum were thwarted because both were closed during our stay.

I also spent more than a few minutes eyeing up property for sale in estate agents’ windows and wondering what it would be like to live there all year round …

10 thoughts on “Broadway

  1. What a lovely get away in such a place, no hustle or bustle. No chain stores! I think shows like Penelope Keith’s Village Life showed so many of us on this side of the pond a very idyllic life style, quaint, a slower friendly way of life but I just keep comparing them to Midsomer’s Murders villages where the death rate is so high. Not so idyllic after all.(col) A place like Broadway keeps me watching Escape To The Country & dreaming!


  2. What would it be like to live there? Full of tourists, that’s what. Nowhere to park, coachloads of foreigners every single day through the summer – and that’s from March to October – Prices in the shops are higher in the summer. Would I live there? oh you bet your sweet ***** I would given half a chance! To be able to nip up the road to Snowshill Manor whenever I felt like it.Or to take a quick trip to Bourton on the Water instead of it taking an hour or two would be bliss!


  3. We’ve visited once, and it was delightfully pretty – but I’m not sure whether being bombarded with near constant visitors with cameras every time you step outside the door would eventually take the edge off … Glad you got a nice break the two of you – very well deserved.


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