Day Trip to Broadway

The beautiful Cotswold village of Broadway is less than 90 miles from our part of West London.  We returned there recently with The Boy Child, with the sole purpose of walking him up to Broadway TowerDSC_0186.JPG We took the route that avoids contact with the local shoot and those almost-but-not-quite-dead pheasants; the only obstacles this time around were copious amounts of sheep poo.DSC_0192.JPG The weather was glorious and we made it to the top in a little over 30 minutes.  The climb was quite steep in places; so much so, the step count on my ‘phone recorded me as having climbed 50 flights of stairs! DSC_0190.JPGThe Boy Child was full of beans, gambling about like a puppy and made it to the top of the tower in one go.  The Brainy One and I may have stopped at certain point to admire the viewDSC_0191.JPGAt just under 90 miles from London, Broadway is doable for a day out … if you’re happy to leave home early (we left at 8.15am).  The village is busy in the Summer months and arriving any later than 10am risks not finding a space in any of the car parks.


5 thoughts on “Day Trip to Broadway

  1. What a wonderful happy smile on TBC. Looks like he really enjoyed the day out. Such beautiful views & you had a clear day to maximize on that.

    I wonder if any one designated by the club reports to the hunt/gun club that their shooters aren’t doing the job on those poor birds. It would distress me to no end to have a bird drop out of the air like your previous visit.


  2. …and just down the road from Snowshill Manor. A NT property that is stuffed with the sorts of things a person with an enquiring mind would love – including an attic full of bicycles and models of farm wagons. There is also a room full of samurai armour and swords as well as fabulous furniture – google it and then keep it in mind for a day out

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  3. Oh, I had to laugh … because Robbie and I stopped to admire the view a few times during our stay in Denail National Park last week. (We’ve just returned from Alaska, so I have lots of catching up to do!)


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