Broadway Tower

“Standing 65ft high Broadway Tower is the second highest point in the Cotswolds and sits dramatically on top of an ancient beacon site. The brainchild of Capability Brown, Broadway Tower was built for the Earl of Coventry in 1798 by renowned 18th Century architect James Wyatt.” Broadway-Tower.jpgGoogle Maps claimed that our hotel was about three miles from the Tower (turned out to be incorrect, but more of that later), so on the morning of our second day in Broadway, we decided to walk to it.  Although it was clear and occasionally sunny, it was still cold and windy.  Not to be deterred, we set off.DSC_0101Unfortunately, after around 90 minutes, we abandoned our plan.  Not because the going was too steep or too muddy, but because the local pheasant shoot decided to shoot from the public footpath.  Having an almost-but-not-quite-dead pheasant fall from the sky about two foot in front of us was the deciding factor.

We retraced our steps and then took the car around to the Tower.  Not so much fun, but certainly safer.  We were the only people tackling the tower’s spiral staircase and once at the top, we could see why.  The wind was gusting so strongly I thought I was about to be blown off my feet.  I stayed long enough for a photo of the view and then hot-footed it back inside.DSC_0106.JPGOnce back in Broadway, after coffee and cake, we took another stroll along the High Street and spotted a sign …DSC_0114.JPGPresumably this is the route that avoids contact with the local shoot and those almost-but-not-quite-dead pheasants.


4 thoughts on “Broadway Tower

  1. Just catching up on my blog reading. Glad you weren’t hurt in the shoot! The view is fantastic from the tower. Glad you weren’t blown off your feet.


  2. That is quite an impressive tower – oh it makes think of Rapunzel … Yes most thankful you weren’t hurt on the shoot. We avoid the woods during deer hunting season, it’s guns & bows & arrows & far too many amateurs to be safe.


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