Summer Plans 2021 | The Second Covid Summer

The Summer holidays are here … as is the third wave of Covid-19. How do I give The Boy a great Summer without putting any of us at serious risk?

River Thames at Kew

The answer has actually been quite simple – we’ve made the decision to limit our exposure by cancelling a number of plans.

Gone is the short break in beautiful York. Gone is the boys-only road trip around East Anglia. Gone are the proposed visits to the cinema and theatre. Gone is the proposed visit to the National Football Museum.

Still on is the road trip to the Lakes – paid for and non-refundable. Still on are outings in town – where we’ll book the first slot of the day to avoid the crowds. Still on are Slow Summer outings – where we’ll probably be the only ones out and about.

Undecided is how much we’ll use the Tube. Undecided is whether The Boy and I will spend a night at my club – something that we’ve done for the last few summers.

Have you altered your plans this summer?

4 thoughts on “Summer Plans 2021 | The Second Covid Summer

  1. I am sorry to hear that the 3rd wave has hit (as you knew it would), that requires to cancel fun adventures. It sucks! Some of the decisions you have to yet make, such as riding The Tube, would be a daunting experience but especially now that masks aren’t mandated. Maybe BoJo can/will back peddle on that requirement. Can you get to your club without riding The Tube? What about a black cab adventure to the club? Thankfully TB is older now & he can understand the reasons why summer holiday adventures are just a little slower (again this year).

    Other than pool/house sitting, we haven’t made any plans & I am most grateful again to my friend. We can at least turn it into a day out, I often pack a picnic lunch. My fingers are crossed for a few dry days this coming week as she’s gone to visit family for 5 days & there’s a promise of her returning to her cottage for 2 weeks in August.

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    1. London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, has said that masks will still be a legal requirement for all journeys on Transport for London trains and underground. Black cabs are great but fairly expensive and I can’t actually remember the last time I went in one.
      A friend with a pool who would like me to house sit sounds ideal right now … enjoy!


  2. We’ve just returned from a week in Southwold in Suffolk. We decided on the first day that we would not be eating out at all, just to be safe. We still have some lovely dinners, fish and chips on the green, pizza delivery, take away from a local restaurant etc. It felt safe there, shops still restricting numbers and requesting masks to still be worn.

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