The Lifting of England’s COVID-19 Restrictions

Boris Johnson has confirmed that all restrictions in England will be lifted on July 19th.

I then watched the BBC News earlier this week where he said, “This pandemic is not over. We cannot go back to normal life.”

So why is he lifting all restrictions in England?

The daily number of infections is rising again, and at a rather alarming rate (on Tuesday of this week, the reported number of new infections was 34,371 – a 28.1% increase from 7 days ago). Surely we’re now in the third wave? Chris Whitty, the chief medical officer for England, said that people should avoid crowded areas and “unnecessary meetings” as far as possible after July 19th.

I know that we’re all fed up. I know that the vaccination program has been an unqualified success (although we’re still short of the percentage required for herd immunity). I know that test events appear to have been successful.

But something, somewhere, is causing this new surge in cases.

I had my fingers crossed, just like you, for a ‘normal’ Summer, but it doesn’t appear to be likely. Not this year, at any rate.

So I’ll be the one in a face mask, the one who is keeping her distance, the one who is avoiding large crowds, the one who isn’t going anywhere near an airport, the one who will make do with a Summer of staycationing.

‘Normal’ life is still out there; it’s just a little further away than we’d hoped for.

What are your thoughts on the lifting of Covid restrictions?

14 thoughts on “The Lifting of England’s COVID-19 Restrictions

  1. I really don’t think this decision by the government is the correct one at all. The point that I have heard repeatedly is “If not now, then when?” This seems illogical to me. I read that most of the scientists think it is a bad decision so why they are going ahead seems ridiculous. I shall avoid public places, wear my mask and won’t rush to purchase theatre tickets, nor shall I be jetting off anywhere. I miss the theatre but it can wait until next year for me.

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  2. I hear you on this one. Although I did read last night that BoJo said masks are still to be worn on public transit. I think too soon to be wide open because the next time restrictions are imposed & required will be harder to get everyone on board. I look & see that many parts of Europe are again restricting activities.

    In Ontario we moving from our 3rd wave into Stage 3 of re-opening on Friday, which still has many restrictions in place. I think too soon even for this stage. In Ontario we are stepping up in record numbers for vaccines although there is now a debate about mixing vaccines brands (Pfizer & Moderna) many are walking away from the clinic for their 2nd jab if it isn’t the same brand as their first. Not good for the herd. The COVID Delta variant is playing fast & loose with the under 35 year olds & they are the least vaccinated group even of 1st jabs.

    NO I’m not moving back into gathering, crowds & travel even within the province isn’t a choice yet for me … & I’ve just purchased a couple of new masks, so we’ll be continuing with that.

    Anyone want to talk about Lambda’s potential for halting things again?

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    1. BoJo backtracked over face masks after the Mayor of London said they would continue to be a requirement of travel across TFL routes for the foreseeable future.
      It does sound as though many countries are now experiencing the same things – rising numbers, the Delta variant … the world has a way to go yet with this pandemic.


  3. It definitely isn’t over yet is it? I shall continue to keep my mask on when in shops or crowded places, it just isn’t worth the risks. As our son in law found out recently, being double vaccinated doesn’t stop you catching it or being ill with it. In some ways I feel like we are all part of some big experiment! I don’t think that I could really relax if I went on an overseas holiday, the red and amber lists are changing daily! So, like you, we will be sticking to the UK again this year.

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  4. We’re having a resurgence here too. We’ve all been fully vaccinated, so I’m not all that worried. I just wish the people that aren’t vaccinated would just do it already!! We’ve started some traveling. We don’t mind wearing masks at all, so that’s what we’re doing!

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  5. I’m another who thinks it’s too early yet (and note that Mr. Johnson only decided to recommend continued mask wearing when surveys of the general public indicated their concerns about the lifting of restrictions). We don’t know our individual antibody response to the vaccine, or how long vaccine immunity lasts, or how protective the vaccines are in the face of new variants. This is going to be as successful in reducing cases as ‘eat out to help out’ was last summer.

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  6. Here in the U.S., Texas is one of 3 states driving the increases in cases. But we are not being required to mask up again. Supposedly 97% of those hospitalized or dying with Covid are unvaccinated. 43% of the state has been fully vaccinated so there are a lot of folks out there who can still get sick. And like Deb said, her son-in-law was completely vaccinated and still got the virus. Just so worrisome.
    My granddaughters start school in a few weeks and will go in masks even though they are not required. We are all meeting up at the beach for a few days beforehand. Will wear masks on the plane, and probably out and about as one daughter is immuno-compromised and the other daughter is pregnant.
    Hoping you continue to stay well.

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    1. Texas seems similar to what’s happening here – we’re sticking with masks and limiting contact with other people as much as possible.


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