The Completed 6×8 Summer Travel Journal

As I’ve said previously, when making travel mini-books my goal is always on the stories, photos, and memorabilia. I don’t experiment with a lot of creative techniques, because I want to highlight the photographs and keep the album fairly simple and clean.

Obviously the wedding commands the largest number of pages …

… but there was still plenty of room for general photos of Luxembourg, bus tickets, city maps and postcards.

There are 23 pocket pages in the album, which makes for a whopping 46 sides. The journaling cards came from In A Creative Bubble and the album is from Simple Stories.

7 thoughts on “The Completed 6×8 Summer Travel Journal

  1. Wonderful album full of the memories of a family holiday & gathering together. I have the same album for my Summer Manifesto album … which reminds me there are at least 10 pages to complete! Long may pocket pages be made.

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