Luxembourg Wedding

In 2012, our nephew, The Brainy Boy, married The Colombian and if you’re a long time reader, you might recall that the wedding was in two parts: the civil wedding was held in the UK, with the church wedding held in Cartagena, Colombia.

The Colombian is one of five siblings. They are an extremely close family and it was made clear that the wedding meant the joining of two families, not just the bride and groom.

They mean what they say

Seven years on and we’ve recently returned from Luxembourg where we attended the wedding of The Colombian’s youngest sister (we’d also been invited to The Colombian’s brother’s wedding in 2016 in Bogota, but were unable to attend).

A lavender shower …

It was a truly international wedding … a Colombian bride, a French groom and guests from Colombia, France, UK, Spain and Mexico (and that’s just the countries I know about).

The bride with her nephews and niece

The Boy Child had been anxious about the number of guests, when he would be fed, whether he would be able to follow the church service (it was conducted in Spanish and French and mercifully short 🙂 ) and when he could go to bed.

TBC and Pequeno #2

The reality was that he had a blast. The Colombian and her siblings all love him and made a huge fuss of him (I love those guys!). His wee cousins, Cachirulo and Los Pequenos, all adore him and like to hang off him at any given opportunity.

Love that his shirt is hanging out …

I have 243 photos from the wedding and more and more are appearing on Instagram; I’m going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to scrapbooking them.

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