Weekday Walk | Notting Hill, Part One

On a chilly February morning, Tilly and I picked up my friend and we headed to the lovely West London district of Notting Hill. This upmarket part of London even has a film named after it. Beloved of bankers and yummy mummies, the area is awash with colourful houses , a world famous weekly market and an annual Carnival.

Notting Hill’s Instagram-worthy colourful facades

Our walk was centered around Portobello Road and the side streets. I had a plan and we were supposed to walk for around 1.5 hours.

That bookshop from that film

However, it soon became apparent that the plan would have to be ditched. The reason? A certain puppy … Miss Tilly was attracting far too much attention. From the one-toothed street cleaner (“I’ve been sweeping these streets for over 30 years and I’ve seen it all, let me tell you …“), to gaggles of Japanese Instagrammers looking for that perfect doorway, to burly workmen and divinely dressed local residents with a Cockapoo at home.

It’s all about the location

After two hours of going nowhere quickly, we abandoned any pretense of continuing and adjourned to a local pub for lunch and agreed to return to complete our Notting Hill exploration when Tilly is older and the weather was better.

Our walk began and ended at Notting Hill Gate tube station.

7 thoughts on “Weekday Walk | Notting Hill, Part One

  1. I can imagine the interest you received in your little canine celebrity! A pretty dog on a lead invites people to stop and chat.
    We took a pet friendly Airbnb holiday to Suffolk in September and were absolutely blown away by the amount of dog lovers up there. Every shop and every pub is dog friendly and we had such a lovely couple of days. In fact, if you stayed there and didn’t have a dog with you, I think you’d feel left out!

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  2. I read once that walking a dog is the surest of ways to meet people. Tilly may certainly charm her way into many places where you’ll get to tag along. (col) You know I’ve never seen the movie Notting Hill but your photos certainly make me want to stroll about there, especially would like visit to Alice’s.

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