Weekday Walk | Notting Hill, Part 2

During a Slow Summer day, The Boy Child and I completed the walk around Notting Hill that I began back in February.

As in February, our walk was centered about the roads off Portobello Road. This time, though, instead of going to the pub for lunch, we stopped for delicious ice cream (this is when The Boy Child ordered salted caramel).

As always, my favourite part of a walk in town is when we discover a hidden away mews. St Luke’s Mews may be tucked way, but it is globally famous because of its role in a heart-rending scene outside Juliet and Peter’s house in the film Love Actually.

The owners of the pink house are presumably fed up with hoards of tourists/Instagrammers hanging around outside their house, because they ask for a £1 donation to an animal shelter if you take a photo. I was the only person to drop a £1 in the box (there were about a dozen other people milling about).

If you fancy purchasing a house in St Luke’s Mews, there’s one for sale here.

Our walk began and ended at Notting Hill Gate tube station and took about 75 minutes (including the stop for ice cream).

4 thoughts on “Weekday Walk | Notting Hill, Part 2

  1. I guessed it would be expensive to live there but not THAT expensive! A million pound per bedroom?
    I can imagine that the people who live in the Love Actually house must get fed up with people taking photos and I hope you weren’t the only one to respect their wishes for a donation.
    What a lovely walk, thanks for sharing.

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  2. I’ve only just added Love Actually to my Christmas movie watch list, so I know of the house of which you speak. What a gorgeous area to live in or walk through. I checked out the real estate link – OH MY!

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