Bloggers’ Lunch

If you believe everything you hear/read, blogging is on the decline.  Something to do with people no longer having the concentration levels to read and digest a post of more than a few words.  I disagree, although I recognise that my number of regular readers and commenters has decreased this year.  I believe that the blogging community is very much alive and kicking, as evidenced by a lunch I attended last week.Blogger's Lunch LondonMelissa, a Texan who blogs at Daily Life – Bits and Pieces, emailed me recently to see if I would care to join her, her husband and three other UK-based bloggers for lunch in London.  I didn’t need asking twice and I’m grateful that the lunch occurred on a day where I was free to attend.DSC_0048.JPGMelissa and her husband, Robbie, were delightful and charming hosts.  They were relaxed, engaging and hilarious company, all rolled into one.  An added bonus was that the other three ladies (Becky, Jacky and Mrs. Wookie) had all been attendees at the Crop in the Country back in early September.

I now have several friends, good friends, made through the online blogging community.  Post regularly, grow your audience and reach out to them.  You never know which friend-I-haven’t-made-yet is out there waiting to meet you in real life.

5 thoughts on “Bloggers’ Lunch

  1. Oh Ruth, it was so wonderful to meet you in person!! And thank you for the lovely description of us. 🙂 I’m so glad we were all able to meet up. Of course, it was just like meeting up with old friends because we really already knew each other through our blogs. (I do miss that so many have stopped blogging.)


  2. I too miss the bloggers who have stopped, and I worry about their welfare too. How lovely to see faces I recognise AND faces I am going to seek out just as soon as I finish typing – now that I have discovered how to “follow” people.


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