Covid-19 | Life in Lockdown – Texas, USA Revisited

Back in April I reached out to friends around the world for their thoughts on lockdown. Melissa wrote about lockdown life in Texas here.

Six months on, she’s kindly written an update and has a lot to say … so maybe grab a cuppa. 🙂

What day is it? Oh yeah, it’s Tuesday…I think. Yeah, it must be because Robbie mentioned the Monday Night Football score before we went to bed last night. I just can’t get interested in football this year with all the unrest and division that’s going on. And it’s gotta be hard for the players with no fans in the stands for some games and several thousand in the stands at others. Of course there were some at AT&T Stadium for the Dallas Cowboys game, not all that many compared to the usual full capacity, but still over 20,000 people. For a football game! Isn’t anybody staying home anymore?

Is there anything I must do today? Besides picking up the groceries. We’re really doing much better eating healthy now that we’re in more of a routine. Those first few months of this pandemic were a little crazy, I mean, seriously, did the two of us need an extra-large bag of M&Ms and those Hostess Hohos every week?! We don’t really miss eating out as much as I thought we would, and we’re certainly not going out now even though restaurants have been opened back up since May, especially since several closed again temporarily due to employees testing positive for Covid. Of course, they were only closed a little while and reopened after cleaning and two weeks of quarantining. I understand it’s important for the business, and, of course, there are plenty of people filling up the tables that are now supposedly spaced six feet apart.

So glad I put in our grocery order last night and can just drive up and one of those nice young employees will load everything in the back of the Suburban. Of course, I’ll have to wipe everything down with disinfectant wipes and wash all the fruits and vegetables immediately when I get it home. What was I thinking stocking up on all those canned goods at one time. Hopefully they won’t be out of paper towels again and maybe the shoppers picked out potatoes that are bigger than a lemon this time! I’m glad they have those designated parking spots for pickup because the parking lot is always full these days. Last time Robbie went in it took him 45 minutes, even though he was only getting three items and used the self-checkout. Isn’t anybody staying home anymore?

Do I have to interact with anyone today? No, that’s good. It was so exhausting wearing that mask for an hour to meet with a client yesterday at the scrapbook store, and all those ladies cropping there without masks, what’s up with that, isn’t there a mandate that masks must be worn in retail establishments? Or is that no longer the case now that the governor has opened Texas up more, 75% capacity for most business. Going into Hobby Lobby for the first time in over six months was shocking. I just wanted to pick up those three packs of neutral cardstock and get out, but there were so many people just shopping around, looking at everything, not paying attention to social distancing…at least they had masks on. But seriously, isn’t anybody staying home anymore?

Guess I better get going if we’re gonna get our exercise walk in before 7:30 when the school buses start picking up and teenagers drive off to high school and the morning traffic piles up. Don’t they know there’s still a pandemic going on? I wonder how many of the students here are actually in school and how many chose the virtual learning option. I can’t believe how many days the schools on the coast have been closed already, not due to Covid, but because of the hurricanes! I’m glad we were able to have my family here when Hurricane Laura hit Texas & Louisiana and am so relieved none of the family had any major damage and that the flooding missed our friends when Tropical Storm Beta hit the Texas coast. I wonder how the recovery from Hurricane Sally is coming along in Alabama. And how are the schools and businesses coping out in California with all those forest fires and evacuations and haze from the smoke covering so much of the state.

As if pandemic fatigue isn’t enough, now there’s hurricane fatigue and wildfire fatigue…and I better not even think about the presidential election news or I’ll be exhausted all over again! I wish we could just take a nice long vacation, but of course travel is out of the question. Even if we decided on a nice road trip, we’d have to stop for food and gas and lodging, and who knows what the guidelines are everywhere since each state has its own COVID-19 requirements, even some of the cities and counties have different ones. It’s all definitely enough to keep us staying home some more!

Thanks so much, Melissa!

Melissa and I met for lunch. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Covid-19 | Life in Lockdown – Texas, USA Revisited

  1. How interesting to see how people are feeling in a different country – six months on I think wherever you are, you are wondering how much longer these restrictions will be in place. Thanks Melissa – this was a great post!

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    1. Wasn’t this a fascinating read? I shuddered at the thought of all those people watching football and at the ladies who were cropping together without wearing masks.


  2. I really enjoyed reading your update, Melissa! It is so fascinating learning about the way of life in another place. Although we get the broad brushstrokes of the US here, learning how things are day-to-day in your part of it and how you feel about it has been really interesting. I’m still letting the post self-isolate for three days and wiping everything that comes into the house with disinfectant too. And marvelling (as well as feeilng cross!) at how many people are not wearing masks. Thank-you, Ruth, for bringing us Melissa’s perspective :).

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    1. Melissa wrote a great post! We’re still staying close to home – no risky trips, just because. We’re seeing family members and close friends by arranging to walk our dogs together – plenty of space and not many people. 🙂


  3. Thanks Melissa for this post; thanks Ruth for sharing your space. I think that most of the world is attempting to return to normal, but there just isn’t a normal any more. I chuckled at the lemons to potatoes comment, I too rely on the grocery shop clerk to pick out my items, thankfully I can give each item a little description; bananas, green if possible …

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    1. I agree that there just isn’t a ‘normal’ right now – I did see a lovely story yesterday where the Canadian government let a young British guy into the country to reunite with his soon-to-be-wife. They’d planned to return to the UK just as the lockdown began, but she was diagnosed with cancer so stayed behind for treatment. Here’s a link:

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    2. Thanks Mary-Lou! Yes, the lemon-sized potatoes were good for a laugh. I had put a note for large potatoes. 😦 This week I got nice sized ones. It must just depend on the shoppers. It’s definitely better than doing all the shopping with a mask.

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    1. If nothing else, this short series has made it quite clear that we are not alone in this, and that can only be a good thing.
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. 🙂


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