~ Gruffalo Crumble ~
The contents of a Gruffalo Crumble can be anything you like: today’s offering is pear, apple & raspberry.  One of DS’s favourite combinations for Gruffalo Crumble.

6 thoughts on “281/365

  1. Yuuuum! “Gruffalo Crumble” eh? Too fab for words – well actually I can think of lots of words… like Yum and Mmmmm and Slurp and Tasty!!
    Pear, apple and raspberry sounds really delicious. We have a bumper harvest of apples and pears this year – DH would love a Gruffalo Crumble! Hope yours was lovely.


  2. Yummo! I love crumble and I particularly love that combination of fruit!

    By the way, you are rocketing ahead with the MeTAV stuff, your pages look super 🙂


  3. Snap we had that this week too. I'm determined to use up all the old fruit from the bowl/freezer so it doesn't go to waste. We've had gooseberry crumble too x


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