On This Day

February 2018 marked my Blogoversary – ten years of blogging. I recognise that I wasn’t very good in early days, but it still might be fun to look back over the years …thumbnail (2)In 2014 I was Zooming In, Zooming Out.

In 2010 I was making Gruffalo Crumble.

In 2009 I was talking about crochet flowers.

6 thoughts on “On This Day

  1. Good memories … I think during Zoom In Zoom out times I was a reader only … oh so many memes lost to time. Oh yes to any type of crumble especially in the Autumn. Isn’t Gruffalo Crumble a recipe book for kids?

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  2. I like crumble, especially now I’ve learned how to make it gluten free. Lots of lashings of custard too.

    Zoom in Zoom out was great fun, I do like reasons to slow down and look at things differently.


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