Weekday Walk | Mayfair’s Permanent Public Art Installations

London’s Mayfair has a number of permanent art installations that can be viewed all year round. You just need to know where to look. 🙂

Falling Shopper by Banksy

The above piece can be found on Bruton Lane, positioned high on the side of a building. Reaching for the trolley containing some recognisable items such as wine and a necklace, the artist is highlighting a darker side to being consumed by luxury.

Cinch by Antony Gormley

Installed on the façade of Burlington House, this figure conveys the idea of a human as a work in progress.

Time-Life Screen by Henry Moore

Found at 153, New Bond Street, Moore thought the screen should look like it was part of the architecture since it is part of the building, but also for the sculptures to project from it as if they were escaping.

Horse and Rider by Elisabeth Frink

Found at the corner of New Bond Street and Burlington Gardens, this statue is one of the very few contemporary public sculptures in London that seems to be liked and appreciated by the public.

Allies by Lawrence Holofcener

Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill sit on a bench on Bond Street, albeit in bronze, making you pause for a moment to think about history and how lucky we are to be able to live in a free and democratic country.

6 thoughts on “Weekday Walk | Mayfair’s Permanent Public Art Installations

  1. Look Up guided walks (wink wink, we know from which movie). A very interesting art walk. Banksy’s one could be done today with necessary items in the trolly & the shopper in a free fall from high prices. The screen, looks to me like it is showing mankind & technology escaping the bonds of containment. Horse & rider, IMO, nicely done. And speaking of a free & democratic society – congratulations on your new PM.

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