Project Life Revisited | Weeks 3 and 4

Week 3:

A week where the Sussexes dominated every news feed. Thanks to the tail-end of Storm Brendan, I was soaked two days running. I met friends for an overdue catch-up (I printed this card twice, stuck them back-to-back and put the journaling on the reverse). The Boy Child and I went to the pub for an early supper. We went to Wendover, one of our favourite places just outside of London. Tilly chilled out.

Week 4:

The Coronavirus dominated the news feed. We had one day where we saw blue sky and sunshine (check out the ice at the edge of the pond). The Boy Child and I went for Sunday brunch and I had an unexpected chat with the gorgeous human being that is Wayne Sleep (he stopped to fuss Tilly. And no, I didn’t ask for a selfie, as that would have been totally uncool. The Boy child didn’t have a clue who he was).

I made a flip card to house the 6×4 photos; a punched half circle revealing the journaling on the inside. All journaling and filler cards are from In a Creative Bubble.

6 thoughts on “Project Life Revisited | Weeks 3 and 4

  1. I admire you keeping current with your Project Life album. Brilliant use of space & product with the Wendover/Brunch cards. Tilly does know how to chill. Ummm I like the idea of including the lead news story. The virus story is certainly the lead story in the news & in most conversations.

    As a side note to one of your book recommendations – The Starless Sea – O.M.G. I read late into the night, liking VERY much.

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    1. The smaller format has, so far, made it easier to keep on top of things.
      Here’s a confession – I haven’t read The Starless Sea, I simply came across the quotation. 🙂


  2. I agree with you, asking people for selfies is very uncool. I was telling an acquaintance that I had seen a celebrity on a train, she said did you ask for a selfie? After I said no, it’s not something I would do, her reply was, I don’t believe you saw them! What a funny world we live in!

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