December Daily 2018 | Days 6-10

Welcome to December Daily; my favourite project of the year.

Day 6 was about donating toiletries, socks and gloves via the school to our local homeless shelter.thumbnail (24)Day 7 was about a fun evening at the school’s Christmas Disco.thumbnail (65)Day 8 was about a superb day in the Cotswolds with my Goddaughter and her family.  I wanted to include several photos, so I folded a 12×6 piece of cardstock into three.

In between days 8 and I included The Boy Child’s wish list.

Day 9 was about Christmas cards.thumbnail (13)

thumbnail (14)Day 10 was about London’s Christmas windows.thumbnail (15)December Daily | my favourite project of the year.

Supplies: Christmas Town by Doodlebug Design and Simple Stories.


4 thoughts on “December Daily 2018 | Days 6-10

  1. Such cheerful pages in your DD. I am scraplifting your fold out idea. I am most hopeful that the cards I have sent get/got through the mail, our postal system is in such a state at the moment. We haven’t had mail in over a week, not even the sales flyers! I like TBC’s school initiative of making care packages for the homeless. We have neighbour up the street from us that runs an organization that collects & distributes these types of packages – sad that there is an increase in the need. Your photo reminds me of some of the things I need to include, sounds silly as a woman I never thought to include Tampax …

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  2. Great pages! The care package is such a great project, and will be so well received. Even though we are women we tend to forget that feminine hygiene is not easy to cope with if you do not have the money to buy things other than food. When the school I used to work at arranged the annual Year 12 trip to Uganda, they would ask staff to donate old bras to send out there, it seemed strange but such things are not easy to buy out there and can make a real difference to the well being of young girls.

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