Dear Mum and Dad

Back in the Summer, I made The Boy Child a Secret Keeper …  after I’d had a chat with him about Santa.  He wasn’t very impressed with neither me nor the ‘secret’, truth be told, but he rallied when I pointed out he could still write a Christmas Wish List.


Did you notice that he added posthumous kisses from Max?  Love that.

7 thoughts on “Dear Mum and Dad

  1. That was quite cute about the Max kisses. I wonder if they were going to Max. James Bond!? Does he have a favourite yet? It’s a hard first Christmas after finding out about Santa, but we all know those disappointed feelings are not forever because as we get older, we start to check that Christmas Eve sky once again.

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    1. I’ll be doing my best to keep the Christmas magic! TBC hasn’t seen many James Bond films; we let him watch Skyfall recently and he really enjoyed it. My sister-in-law is gifting him a few films from the Sean Connery era …


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