Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

A friend recently treated me to Afternoon Tea with a difference.  We spent 90 minutes aboard a classic Routemaster London bus, sipping tea and scoffing nibbling dainty sandwiches and tiny cakes as we went.IMG_1346.JPGIt was great fun, although I was initially rather concerned about sloppage from the teapots … no need.  Your preferred hot drink came in a funky thermos cup, which you then got to take away with you. IMG_1352.JPGWe saved  a few of the wee cakes to take home for our kiddos as an after school treat.  I thought that was very noble of us …  IMG_1349.JPGYou can find more about Afternoon Tea on a London Routemaster bus here.  It’s a little pricey, but terrific fun and maybe worth doing for a special occasion.

2 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

  1. What a fabulous idea – afternoon tea while getting a sightseeing tour of the city. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon, and I’m very impressed that you were kind enough to take home a ‘doggy bag’ for TBC!

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  2. OH this would be something I really would do & now I must search to see if the Toronto reds do this type of tour. If not, I am going to suggest! The treats look scrumptious & if I was there, there would be no survivors on the treat tray.

    I read a funny post about the spell of “thermos” that muggle born Hogwarts students were taking their tea thermos to class & pure bloods wanted to know the spell for keeping their tea hot … muggle born said oh it’s just a thermos & then the pures started pointing their wands at the mugs of their tea and saying “thermos” and hence how some new spells made their way into the wizarding world.


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