This Weekend

It was a weekend of simple things.
Of checking out the possibility of a new bed.
 Of trying to persuade Mum that bunk beds would be a good idea.
Of walking the dog.
 Of visiting a friend’s art exhibition.
 It was busy.  It was easy.
It was great.

6 thoughts on “This Weekend

  1. Sounds a perfect weekend especially the easy part. Bunk beds – I remember dorm rooms lined with 3 or 4 sets per room – thankfully not all occupied so the top bunks made for great storage (or mess as some parents called it).


  2. My son had a cabin bed at one stage – he loved it and it became quite the place to let your imagination have adventures. But as Sian points out, it's not that easy to change the sheets on!


  3. Sian has taken the words out of my mouth. Changing the sheets on th top bed is a nightmare. We have a small office/spare room that has bunk beds. The reality is that the girls go in them and the visitors occupy their beds.


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