How November Looks

The lovely Sian takes the credit for this post ~ do check out her latest post on what November means to her.


November is for Remembrance.  For Great Uncle Bob and the Darlington boys.

November is for digging out the A4 notebook that details all of the Christmas presents purchased and Christmas cards sent since 2001. Some people might consider that to be a little on the anal side. Not me.

November is for beginning Christmas shopping.  Small gifts that can be easily carried to Texas.

November is for getting our ducks in a row.  Statement Review is looming.

November is for finishing Him | The Abridged Version.  It’s coming together more easily than anticipated.

November is for preparing the foundation pages for December Daily.  Probably my favourite project of the year.  I haven’t purchased a kit this year, but there is still time …

November is checking on final posting dates for the US and Australia.  This year, fun postcards will be on their way, rather than traditional cards.

November for The Boy Child consists of a letter to Santa, of rehearsing for the Nativity and Carol Concert and counting the days until the end of term.
How does November look to you?

4 thoughts on “How November Looks

  1. I can't take any credit at all! It's a great post. I'm smiling a bit at the fact that some of your November things will appear on my December list..


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