Hello Monday

Hello to more snow falling.
Hello to feeling physically sick when realising that our War Memorial has been vandalised.  Poor command of the English language somehow only adds insult to injury.

Hello to a large supermarket shop.  The kitchen cupboards look as though they belong to Old Mother Hubbard.
Hello to the possibility of house viewings.  We didn’t have any last week.
Hello to fresh flowers. £15 has been spent since the house went up for sale.
Hello to The Brainy One attending a Maths evening at The Boy Child’s school.  Never too early to hear about the curriculum.
Hello to yet more phone calls regarding The Boy Child’s Statement and funding.  The ineptitude of clerical staff makes me so cross.
Hello to The Boy Child undergoing an in-school assessment from the Speech Therapist on Thursday.
Hello to Valentine’s Day.
Hello to making a plan for a Scrapbook on the Road type project.  I have plenty of ideas for a big summer project, but I just need to marshall my thoughts in to some sort of coherent form.
Hello to more Telling Tales.

How is your week looking?

6 thoughts on “Hello Monday

  1. It's been full of Monday morning jobs so far, but I'm hopeful things will look up this afternoon, thanks for asking 🙂

    When we were selling, I bought some silk flowers from Bloom which maybe (and I'm only saying maybe!) worked out cheaper in the end


  2. Not all clerical staff hopefully!! What a shame about the memorial. If they're going to vandalise it at least they could get the spelling correct. Idiots!!
    Good luck with the viewings.


  3. I've been to the airport to collect mum and dad's friend and then spent an age online, trying to work out the easiest way to get dad to a wedding we are all invited to in April! it's not going to be easy!!
    Alison xx


  4. We've had meet and greet interviews, swimming lessons, and introduction to homework for this year, work, oiling the deck at night .. sigh, and it's only lunchtime on Tuesday!

    I can't comment on the vandalism … only bad words come to my mind.


  5. Hmm well as I'm reading this on Wednesday that says something about how my week has gone.

    Would bulbs or potted plants work re the fresh flowers? Hope you get some viewings too.

    Ugh on the vandalism – lack of grammar, spelling and logic :sigh: I'm with Amy bad words come to mind.

    Also – apologies I've just discovered your Happy Mail package arrived at some point in the last week and was dumped (with other post) on my trolley. Just managed to clear down and discovered it. Thank you so much for the stamps – I'm going to spread the joy to the students when I make up the class kits 🙂


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