A Quiet Day

Yesterday, we stayed close to home.  Granny had an appointment for her flu jab. There was a delivery expected (new printer for Granny, set up by yours truly). There was a dog to be walked, twice.  There was dry cleaning to be collected.  There was helping Granny with late bulb planting and re-potting her patio garden.

The minutiae of my life.  The everyday.  My Project Life.
And today?  More laughing and the drinking of tea with more cousins.

5 thoughts on “A Quiet Day

  1. “More laughing and the drinking of tea with more cousins”

    This is a pastime I really enjoy. Being an only child in a big family I love the times with the cousins.


  2. I like to have those quieter days when we're away though it sounds like your quiet one was fairly active. Enjoy tea and chat and I'm guessing from Mel's comment you may be meeting up with someone fun tomorrow 😉 xx


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