Field Trip

What do you do when Nursery School is closed because of strike action by the teachers?  Why, you organise your own field trip, of course.  You and your son go here

You get there for opening at 10am and soon realise that every mum in London, and then some, has had the same idea.  This shot above was taken in the queue; the entrance is at the bottom of the tower you can see.
Never mind.  Because you know that your son will love the creepy crawlies …

And the volcanoes …

And the Earth section …

And that you get to spend a few hours in one of your favourite buildings …

What you might call a result.
Back to school tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “Field Trip

  1. Glad the field trip was a success. We had our own field trip today to a local farm who were offering free entry due to the strike. Was well worth the drive!


  2. Mel had told me about the upcoming action, it was all over the BBC feed on our radio news channel here during the night …. I have a few excursions planned for our term holidays but always dislike the lines and the waiting!


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