The Story Behind a Scrapbook Page

I took the first serious steps towards potty training The Boy Child on 22 March. After reading ‘Potty Training Boys’, I opted for the softly-softly approach. Every afternoon, after The Boy Child was up from his nap, he went without a nappy and the potty was placed in a strategically obvious place ~ in the middle of the floor.

Initially, there were more misses than hits, but that’s to be expected, right? When he did manage to wee in the potty, he was so proud of himself and I acted as a one-mummy-cheer-leading-squad. One afternoon, we even phoned Granny to tell her that her grandson had weed on target!

I continued with the easy does it approach during our week in Scotland ~ and was very relieved that there were no wees on my sister’s carpets! (The Brainy One used the time we were away to steam clean our lounge carpet.)
And then this Bank Holiday weekend, I decided that the time was right for the Big Push. Nappies only to be worn at nap time and at bedtime. Friday and Saturday saw a couple of accidents each day, but by the time The Boy Child got up on Sunday, he seemed to have it straight in his mind. Obviously, he’ll need reminding for a while yet about the need to sit on the potty and going out may be tricky on occasion. However, he’s been to nursery twice this week so far and no accidents on either day.

I’m sure the Scrappers who are reading this post have guessed where I’m going with it. A milestone of this magnitude needs to be scrapped, without doubt, and The Boy Child provided the title when he announced one morning that he’d “lost a wee”

Another saying to be absorbed into our family’s history.

Unique. Original. Ours. This is why I scrapbook.

11 thoughts on “The Story Behind a Scrapbook Page

  1. Fantastic! I agree with Ann – he may not appreciate it when he's a teenager, but it will give everyone a laugh and be a good one to bring out on his 18th!


  2. Well, that gives you something to threaten him with when he's being a stroppy teen! You can tell him you'll show his mates!

    Well done to your little lad… potty training is a tricky one, especially for little boys. He must feel very proud of himself – and you're obviously very proud of him too!


  3. Thanks for stopping by the blog Ruth – sorry I can't convince you about Thomas Hardy, I must have a poetically gloomy soul! Love the 'lost a wee' comment! LOL!


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