The New Art Installation on Trafalgar Square’s 4th Plinth

The fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square in central London is the only plinth in the famous square to not have a permanent statue on it. The other three plinths at each corner have statues of King George IV, General Sir Charles James Napier, and Major-General Sir Henry Havelock, all erected in the 19th century. But the funding ran out for a fourth plinth, so for over 150 years, the northwest corner of the square had an empty pedestal.

For the last twenty three years, a succession of temporary sculptures have graced the fourth plinth, the latest of which is Antelope by Samsom Kanbalu.

The sculpture restages a 1914 photograph of Baptist preacher John Chilembwe and European missionary John Chorley. Chilembwe wears a hat in an act of defiance, as it was illegal at the time for an African to wear a hat in front of a white person.

4 thoughts on “The New Art Installation on Trafalgar Square’s 4th Plinth

  1. That’s interesting to have changing art installations. I like that it can feature new to us artists, pieces that speak of current situations & show case stories we need to study up on. 🙂

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    1. There has been some really great installations over the years … my favourite was the large bright blue cockerel, because it was so unexpected!


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