What Are You Watching Right Now?

What are you watching right now? I only watch TV in the evenings and of late most of my viewing has come from Netflix.

Here’s what’s caught my eye and interest:

All six series of How To Get Away With Murder, which stars the fabulous Viola Davis. The plot becomes ever more complicated, so pay attention, and I felt that the final episode was a little unsatisfactory.

Unorthodox follows, over 4 episodes, the decision of a young woman to leave her ultra-orthodox Jewish community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It’s based on a memoir by Deborah Feldman. Some scenes made me laugh out loud.

Bridgerton has received a lot of press, not all of it good. I thought it was perfect life-in-lockdown viewing. 🙂

Designated Survivor (or as I kept calling it, Accidental President) was a Netflix ‘you might like’ suggestion (because we’d re-watched the terrific House of Cards) and stars Kiefer Sutherland (last seen by me in 24). Three series was probably long enough.

What are you watching? Any recommendations?

12 thoughts on “What Are You Watching Right Now?

  1. I’ve seen the last three of these and enjoyed them all. I shall have to check out How to get away with murder – I’m running out of things to watch that appeal to me!

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  2. We don’t have Netflix but I’ve read good things about your choices. I have started to watch Foyle’s War from the start (I’ve seen a few random episodes) and although I don’t normally like films about wars, there are some interesting parallels about privations, making-do-and-mending – a mix of the normal everyday and the strangeness of the new regulations. And Michael Kitchen’s wonderful understated manner and his character’s integrity and honesty are a breath of fresh air compared to all the recent dramatic hot air and bombast in our current world.

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  3. We don’t have Netflix, but I was lucky enough that a friend does, so I was able to see Bridgerton. When Designated Survivor was on general TV I watched but alas when it moved to Netflix I was not a survivor watcher. It’s funny that Alexa mentions Folye’s War – we just ordered up from the library.

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    1. It’s annoying when a program you like moves to a subscription channel, isn’t it – first world problem, obviously.
      We really enjoyed Foyle’s War. 🙂


  4. I have just finished watching Lupin on Netflix, so good!
    I bought DVD of Belgravia.
    So entertaining.
    Tonight I watched a couple of episodes of Its a Sin on Channel 4. A bit too much focus on sex for my liking but as it is about AIDS I guess it is necessary for the storyline! So sad at times and shows a realistic and terrifying time in the late 1980’s.

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    1. I haven’t seen any of those, so maybe I’ll look out for them next time I’m browsing. It’s A Sin has had a lot of publicity, hasn’t it.


  5. I’ve just finished The Investigation, extremely well done and even more affecting as based on a true story. The dedication of the police force to bring the murderer to justice was amazing.
    My comfort viewing has been my DVD box set of the Alleyn Mysteries, I think I’m developing a bit of a Patrick Malahide situation – it’s the gorgeous forties suits and fedoras, I think.

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  6. I loved “How to Get Away with Murder” and how each episode was a little mini cliffhanger. I watched on live tv. As a result, sometimes I’d have to go back and watch the last episode of the previous season to refresh my mind about what had happened. I was not all that impressed with “Bridgerton” considering Shonda Rimes was also the writer. “Downton Abbey”—by far—had more meat to the story! I’m binging “Firefly Lane” now. I think, had I not read the book several years ago, I might have a problem keeping up with all the bouncing between the different time periods.

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