Wimbledon 2019

A lady I see regularly at the gym’s pool surprised me recently with an invitation to join her for the second day of Wimbledon, as she had a spare ticket for Number One Court. I was both unbelievably touched that she’d thought to ask me and unbelievably excited.

The tennis lovers in place for the start of play at 1 pm (the rest are still eating lunch)

We saw Ashleigh Barty (the ladies’ number 1 seed), Johanna Konta (the British number 1 and seeded 19. We saw her play back in 2017) and my favourite male tennis player, Rafa Nadal.

Ashleigh Barty (AUS), current World Number 1
Johanna Konta (GBR), British Number 1 and seeded 19
Rafa Nadal (ESP) … surely he no needs no further introduction

We ended up watching around 8 hours worth of tennis, with a few comfort breaks and time for a drink and afternoon tea.

Afternoon tea

We knew it was time to leave when we found ourselves quietly chatting rather than actually watching the action on the court – that was at 9 pm!

Quintessentially Wimbledon

12 thoughts on “Wimbledon 2019

  1. Brings back happy memories of many visits there, sadly a thing of the past. You got some wonderful pics (esp the Nadal one) and it was a real boon to have scored that lady’s spare ticket. How kind. I have a date with the TV for a certain second men’s semi-final match this afternoon/evening!

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  2. What a lovely day you had, and so lucky to see so many of the big matches that day. Also pleased to see that you ate your scones correctly – jam first 😉

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  3. How totally fabulous to be on Centre Court and see such famous players – and your photos are worthy of any newspaper! It sounds like a truly delightful day and such a lovely friend to have.

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  4. What a great treat. I’m not a tennis watcher so I don’t know any of those named players although it has been of great conversation at church, especially “the bad boy” who I don’t who that is. But ah I do know a tea break & that one looks fabulous.

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