December Daily | Days 6-10

Welcome to my favourite scrapbooking project of the year!  Let’s take a look at how days 6-10 turned out:

Day 6: The Year 6 Carol Service at school.  Always a delight.  Mostly.DSC_0062.JPGA journaling card, a few embellishments and a photo of the church after the service was all that was needed.

Day 7: The arrival of The Boy Child’s school photo … timed perfectly for inclusion into all the family Christmas cards.DSC_0064.JPGI stuck his photo onto the reverse on a Christmas card I’d meant to send (you can get a glimpse of that card in the image for Day 6).  A few spelling mistakes put paid to that, so I simply cut off the part I’d written on.

Day 8:  The day the majority of our Christmas cards went into the post, which involved a few trips to the Post Office for stamps.  Always a joy in December.  (You can see the front of the pocket in the image above.)DSC_0065.JPGI used a pocket from a premade Christmas journal that I’d dismantled and put the journaling inside (I wrote a few sentences about how the Christmas card list never seems to get any smaller and there’s a photo of my hand dropping a few cards into the post box on the other side). I also added a leaflet from the Post Office about last posting dates.  Opposite the pocket is a rather lovely card I picked up in our local independent gift shop and decided was too nice to send to anyone.

Day 9: While in town, we strolled down to Trafalgar Square to look at the nation’s Christmas Tree, the UK’s annual gift from the city of Oslo.  The Boy Child’s hat turned out to be the main attraction.DSC_0066.JPG

Day 10: Snow and Santa! I printed out a photo of our snowy back garden and added an embellishment.  (See image above; I’ve since added a paperclip and snow themed ribbon to the tag to hold it more securely.) On the back of the tag are a few lines about how we somehow missed the forecast for snow.  On the reverse of the photo is a tongue-in-cheek note to Santa.  I then attached the photos to the outside of the page protector by use of a hinged flap and double-sided tape. The story of the visit to Santa went into the divided page protector.DSC_0069.JPG

Supplies used: photos (which I print at home using an Epson XP-760), Christmas themed journaling and filler cards (Holly Jolly by Becky Higgins), alphas (from American Crafts) and embellishments (from Pebbles) .

December Daily | my favourite project of the year.


5 thoughts on “December Daily | Days 6-10

  1. I always enjoy your DD posts. TBC’s school photo is fantastic, what a lovely smile. I too took a photo of my hand dropping cards into the mailbox. Like TBC’s hat. Making all my Christmas cards this year I knew I would be tempted to say “oh too pretty, too much work to give away, I’ll just keep” but no this year I took photos & mailed (col).


  2. I’ve Just had a quick look at your DD pages, it’s such a lovely record to have. I have decided to do DD this year for the first time in years. Once I’ve got some pages done I may even blog them 😉


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