December Daily | Manifesto

Welcome to my favourite scrapbooking project of the year!  Let’s see what my hopes and dreams for this Christmas season look like …IMG_6613Yep, I managed a half-way decent selfie (and confess to being rather startled at many grey silver strands I now appear to have on my head) and yep, I managed to remember to wear a Christmassy top.  Full marks all round.

My manifesto for December Daily 2017 came down to just four sentences (and they were inspired by ever-brilliant Ali Edwards): Let’s take the time to savour our own season.  Let’s find joy in the small moments.  Let’s create a December season that is at the right pace for our family.  Let’s continue to remember what’s most important and for us to continue to come back to that again and again. 

Supplies: one 4×4 photo, one 4×4 journaling card, two punched embellishments (with one raised on foam pads on the outside of a pocket for definition), machine stitching.  Two small pockets left deliberately empty so that parts of Day 1 will be visible.

December Daily | my favourite project of the year.


4 thoughts on “December Daily | Manifesto

  1. I like your manifesto. Mr (the top hat?) Robin Red Breast on your shirt is so very cheerful. … “the right pace for our family” – YES. It’s important to remember we are telling our own Christmas stories. Your DD is off to a great start.


  2. That’s a very good manifesto, Christmas should be different for every single family, we shouldn’t be swayed by what others are doing.
    Lovely selfie, and those ‘highlights’ are colourless, not grey!


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