Design Your Life: Week 11

Poor old DFL; it’s been badly neglected since the start of the summer holidays.  Not that I remember having much of a summer.
Week 11’s all about type, font and size.  I’m not one for typed titles, as I usually scrap in 12×12 format and my printer can’t cope with that size.  Nothing to stop me from printing out in 8.5×11 format, though, is there?

I think, in hindsight, that I probably should have trimmed off the white space above the title.  Still, you live and learn and it’s the first page I’ve managed to put together in almost three weeks.

3 thoughts on “Design Your Life: Week 11

  1. You have faced the eternal problem of a digi/hybrid scrapper! You can also delete the title area on a template and print out and then use thickers as per usual.

    Well done for getting a page made!


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