~ The die is cast ~

I have been avoiding buying jeans for The Boy Child for as long as possible, working on the theory that once he went into them, that would be that. I’d never see him in any other type of trousers until he was middle aged (and I was very old!). However, I hadn’t factored into the equation that shops only seem to stock jeans for boys when you reach the age 3-4 bracket. Gone was my hope of a nice pair of cords or fleecy casuals.

11 thoughts on “64/365

  1. Good Morning Ruth Sweetie…
    Doesn't DS look precious in these blue jeans? What a wonderful selection you have made for him. Looks like he has pockets. He will be filling them up before you know it. I see he has his new shoes on too. How sweet is that?

    I love to look at my grandchildren's little hands. They are always holding something aren't they?

    Love this post Ruth. It is just precious.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie. Country hugs and much love, Sherry


  2. Hi Ruth…I'm sure that no matter what your little dude is wearing, he's adorable! Jeans, cords, slacks, suit pants, shorts, swim trunks!!!! cute, adorable, huggable, little dude! lol

    nice photo!
    ciao bella have a good one!


  3. Your DN has never been a big fan if jeans (too stiff), but I can't stand him in joggers when we go out anywhere so he has two new pairs like it or lump it! H looks cute in his.


  4. I love little boys in jeans, I really do so my boys always had the regular Levi's from when they were real young. Mind you, there were;nt so many jeans all these years ago, we had to go to an American dumpstore to buy them.


  5. I love little boy jeans and these are so very cute….ahhh this is the beginning of many things my friend and you will love every stage I am sure….:-) Hugs


  6. My DS is 5 and rarely put him in jeans…I like him to wear kind of smart looking sweat pants (not sure thats the right term for them as they are nicer than sweat pants lol) or cords….I just think they are softer and nicer for playing in…..he does have a couple of pairs of jeans but they don't look as comfy!!

    Great picture though 🙂


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