What Do You Do With Yours?

So, you’ve read them from cover to cover, including the adverts. On more than one occasion. They’ve been next to your bed, in your bathroom, in your kitchen, on your sofa, in your handbag and finally, in your magazine rack.

I am, of course, talking about scrapping magazines (although this post could equally apply to non-scrapping magazines, but I’m not sure such magazines exist anymore!). I have, today, had a cull of more than a year’s worth of the American scrapping magazine Creating Keepsakes ~ I tear out pages showing layouts that really speak to me and I tear out whole articles that inspire me. They go into an A4 landscape sized notebook (with scrapbooked front & back covers, naturally) and the remnants go into the recycling, accompanied by a quiet thank you from me.

The thank you is said quietly because The Brainy One already thinks that I am a “funny little sausage” and I wouldn’t want to have him add to that description, if it’s all the same to you!

7 thoughts on “What Do You Do With Yours?

  1. I pile all my magazines onto my bookshelves in my scrap room and never look at them again ~lol~ when I have more time, I must sit down with them again, and take note of the stuff that inspires me… might be a couple more years worth of magazines by then ~lol~


  2. lol! I have an entire shelf of a (very wide!) bookcase filled with old craft magazines which I can't bear to throw out…. In my defence, I do look at them sometimes!


  3. I deal with them in much the same way as you Ruth, tearing out interesting/inspiring images and putting them in a folder. I have to keep them intact for a couple of months though, or I feel I've wasted my money 😉


  4. Ooh I can't bear to throw away crafty mags! Even got some via freecycle as someone wanted to get rid of some!! I don't buy them all the time and feel i need to get the most out of them as I think they can be quite expensive!


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